I was scheduled for the Berry Radiance Facial at the Midvale location just a few days before Christmas. I was sure that I was out of my mind for indulging myself in something such as this (PAMPERING!) at the busiest and craziest time of my year. But another part of me kept saying that it was exactly what I needed at this insane time. So I drove to the Midvale Spa for some “me time” and a break from all the hustle and bustle.


I entered needing some help because I was so Christmas-ed out I could hardly take another step. Of course, SegoLily is always there with a smile to help out the weary and stressed.

My esthetician Janell greeted me warmly and helped me inside.

Dec 09 140

I went into the dressing room and changed into my luxurious purple robe and then made my way out to the beautiful waiting/meditation room. Once I sat down on the couch, I was already feeling less stressed and more like decking the halls instead of the season…or someone.

I began to unwind and relax and started to really look forward to my facial. Apparently I became just a little too relaxed…

IMG_6755 When Janell came out to get me for my facial, she could tell she had her work cut out for her.

Once we got in the room, she did an evaluation of my skin to determine exactly what she would need to do. She explained that every facial is really personalized to each individual according to their skin and problems.

She began by cleansing my face with the most incredibly delicious scented product.

Next, she applied an exfoliant that was blueberry scented and was also a detox firming peel. It is supposed to get really hot and stimulate the skin while getting the blood flowing. It was more intense that something I would normally use at home, but wasn’t painful…just a little irritating. The best part of this was the scalp massage I received while waiting for the exfoliant to work.

The hot/cold treatment was next. This is to bring the redness down and soothe the skin. That it did. It felt so wonderful.

Next was the facial and neck massage with another wonderful scented cream. And just so my feet didn’t get too jealous, Janell wrapped them in hot towels. What a great indulgence.


Last of all was the blueberry and milk mask.

The mask’s purpose is to soothe and hydrate the skin. Blueberries are great antioxidants that help fight the aging process. And as we all know, it IS a fight!

When I left that room I was feeling completely rejuvenated and refreshed! I was ready to step back out into the cold and cruel world once again and take on the insanity of the season with renewed strength. I even believe I let out a little, “Ho, ho, ho!” as I made my way to my car.

Thanks once again Sego Lily for saving my insanity!