The menu description for this treatment reads:  Brown seaweeds are mixed and applied to the entire body. A heated wrap intensifies absorption and promotes elimination of toxins. After a refreshing shower enjoy a nourishing application of moisturizer.

After reading that you may be thinking, “Hmm…okay sounds good, but I’m not really sold.” But hopefully after reading THIS, you will be sold.  I know I am!  This was a great treatment for not only detoxing but relaxing as well.   I know the main purpose is to detox the body, but I am here to say that it detoxed my mind even more.  And I was in serious need of that at the time with Christmas just around the corner!

The first part of this treatment is a dry brush massage thats purpose is to stimulate the lymphatic system prior to the body treatment.  It is a technique that is supposedly used to pull out negative energy in the soul and is claimed that it must be done before the body can let go of anything.  After this, the serum is applied to further stimulate the lymphatic system while focusing on the major drainage points.  The seaweed is used to stimulate perspiration, which is the body’s natural elimination process, allowing it to rid itself of unwanted wastes and toxins.  Sounds a little scientific, but it all translates simply into a great detox for both body AND soul.IMG_6746

Sarah was my darling therapist and was great at explaining the process as we went along.  I was expecting some serious bright green seaweed like I experienced in the Seaweed Detox Contour Bath, but this was a just a mild light brown color.   It didn’t have an unpleasant odor like I expected either.

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Sarah applied a wonderful cleansing serum to my body and then massaged the dry brush all over.  It felt very stimulating and I could tell it was waking up my cells!  After that she applied the seaweed mask and then wrapped me up in plastic to stimulate the perspiration further.  I was then wrapped up in blankets and had a hot towel placed over my face.  That was one of the best parts.  I love to be wrapped up snug as a bug.


It was so nice to just lay there for a few minutes in order to let the wrap do its thing.  The table I was laying on was also heated, which I totally love.

After about 15 minutes,  it was time to “wrap” it up and experience the 12 headed shower.  Sarah explained the whole shower process to me before we even began the treatment. I must admit I was a little worried that history would repeat itself from my last spa shower experience when water went everywhere (including all over the floor!) because in my relaxed state I didn’t pay close enough attention to how it worked.  This time though, I listened intently.


Even though this shower had many more heads and controls than the last one, I was able to maneuver it with ease and I didn’t need to call for assistance.  Whew!  It also had a steam system inside that put out a steady mist of hot steam.  That was pure bliss.

After the shower, Sarah gave me a wonderful massage while applying a moisturizing body milk cream.  Only one word is necessary to describe this part of the treatment:  “Ahhhhhhhhh…”


By this time any toxins left  in my body or soul had now hit the road.  I was officially detoxed!  And it only took 90 minutes to do it.  Not bad, considering some of those other detox programs take months and months!  Okay, so maybe it’s not the same kind of toxins, but still!

I left the spa better able to face the toxicating holidays with energy and new strength.  If you are in need of any kind of detox, be it stress, occupation, daily life, chemicals, etc., then give this treatment a try.  You will be much better off after than you were before.  That’s a given.

It was de-toxicating as well as in-toxicating!

Thanks again Sego Lily!