Sego Lily Harvest Facial. Sounds yummy!

Well it was, though not for my tummy, but for my face.  It was fed and nourished and hydrated and served a buffet of wonderful fruits, vegetables, and herbs!  Mmm…

It did smell good enough to eat though!

This facial is a deep cleansing session enriched with a custom blend of seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs to nourish the skin.  A wonderful and relaxing face, scalp, and arm or foot massage makes it complete.

My darling Esthetician was Alicia.

She was very good to inform me about each step and product used along the way.  As the “blogger”, I tend to ask a lot of questions so I will be able to write about it later.  Since taking notes is not exactly conducive to what I am doing while at the spa, sometimes I forget and ask the same question more than once.   The Sego Lily therapists and estheticians are always so patient and sweet about it.  Alicia was no exception.

I truly appreciated the personal care she gave me and how individualized the products were she chose to use on my skin.  I always leave Sego Lily feeling much more educated about what my own personal needs are and what products are best for my age and skin type.

As a typical facial goes, my face was given a deep cleansing with amazing products and then exfoliated using a berry mask. This was the first facial I was able to experience what an extraction feels like.  Not bad at all.  A little pinch, but since I only needed one or two, it was no big deal. 

I really loved the feeling of the steamer as it penetrates deep into my skin to open up my pores.  And the moisturizing products Alicia used (mostly Rhonda Allison with some Eminence) were so hydrating that my face felt like it was getting a big drink of water after being in the desert for a week.  I think it slurped them up instantly!

I’ve said it before, but the hot wash cloths placed on my face during the treatments are one of my favorite parts of a facial.  The ones placed on my feet are even better!  Oh, what a sensation.  I love the heat that penetrates deeply through the cloth, feeling like it goes directly into my soul!  That, coupled with a face and scalp massage, along with a foot (or arm) rub is the ultimate in bliss.  My only complaint is that they don’t last longer.  Maybe they need to offer a three or four hour facial? Okay, totally unrealistic, but I would sign up!

I absolutely LOVE the Rhonda Allison products that Sego Lily sells and they have now become part of my daily skin care regimen.  I believe they are the best products I have used on my skin, and I have run the gamet when it comes to trying new products.   Alicia informed me what products would work best for my particular needs, which becomes such a time and money saver because I don’t have to guess what I think will be best for my skin.  Which, of course, saves a lot of waste and money since I get the right product everytime.  That is one of the best things about having a facial with a master esthetician.

Facials have a way of making you feel about 10 years younger as you step out the door.  It doesn’t matter if you necessarily look 10 years younger (though they definitely make you look better than before!), it just matters that you feel younger.  Feeling younger puts a little skip in your step and makes your whole world seem better.

The best part of all is knowing that you are doing something very good for your skin and that it will hopefully thank you with results.  That is, of course, if you continue to pamper your face at home as well.

As far as facials go, this is one of the best.  I absolutely loved everything about it (even the extractions!)

The “bag lady”…bagging my old products for the best.

Thanks Sego Lily for making the world a little more beautiful one facial at a time!