As I arrived at the Layton Sego Lily Spa to recieve my Honeydew and Paraffin Cocoon treatment, I was feeling like a frozen caterpillar wishing for a nice warm cocoon so I could transform myself into a butterfly and fly away in the warm sunshine. It felt like winter had hit suIMG_6391ddenly and I wasn’t prepared for the change. I was looking forward to being wrapped up all warm and toasty.

As soon as I opened that door, I was feeling somewhat transformed already. Just stepping into the spa had an incredible and immediate calming power. Sitting in the meditation room didn’t hurt either. It was so nice to just slow down and sit for a bit surrounded in an environment of serenity and peace.


The incredible shower!

Jamie was my therapist for this treatment. She was very knowledgeable and explained everything that she would be doing. She showed me the AMAZING shower in the room that I would be using later on in the treatment and taught me how to use it. Since it had about 12 shower heads and three controls, I needed the training! They were everywhere. It looked like fun! After answering in the affirmative that I understood how it worked we got down to business.

First on the list was a loofah mitt scrub to peel away layers of old skin. This wasn’t the most pleasant part of the treatment by any means, but not too bad either. I was a little ticklish in places…namely feet and tummy! The loofah scrub helps prepare the skin for the rest of the treatment in order to enhance the absorption of the moisturizer.


Jamie preparing my cocoon

The next part is what I was really looking most forward to. Having very warm strips of paraffin wrapped around my body! I was curious as to how Jamie was going to accomplish this, but once she showed me, it seemed totally simple. She took large strips of a cheesecloth like fabric and dipped it in hot paraffin. She then let it drip off to a point where she could transfer it from her table to mine without dripping too much. Then she wrapped it around one section of my body at a time. It felt so warm and soothing! I looked like I was being mummified!

The paraffin enhances absorption, sealing in moisture. It also keeps you really still because you know if you move too much, you might crack the wax after it has dried! It felt so cozy to be all wrapped up in such warmth, but it got even better. I was then wrapped up in plastic and another heavy duty blanket. I was already on a nice warm heated table (which I LOVE!) and so I was feeling really snuggly and protected from any outside chill or cold.

Oh baby, I was loving this!

Oct-Nov 09 038

My arms been mummified!

I am the kind of person that can never get warm enough and this was the ultimate way to achieve it! The goal is to sweat while in the cocoon in order to remove impurities from your body. I did some, but not too much. I never felt claustrophobic or too hot. It was perfect and the best part was still to come.

After I was all tucked in and toasty warm, Jamie placed a lavender scented eye mask over my eyes and then massaged my neck and head. Oh wow! It had to be the ultimate in relaxation. Let’s see…laying on a heated table wrapped in warm paraffin and blanket cocoon, dimmed lights, scented eye mask, calming music playing in the background, wonderful aromatherapy scents everywhere, all while receiving a wonderful head and neck massage! I don’t need Calgon to take me away, Sego Lily already did!


Me in all my cocoon-ness!


Even though I could have layed there all day, I knew all good things must come to an end and it was time to emerge from my cocoon. Jamie removed the blankets and then the paraffin. It came off remarkably well and quick. It was now time to try out the awesome shower. Jamie reminded me again how to use the control and so I was confident I could handle it, but my confidence was short lived when I tried to turn it on and it began to spray out the shower door onto the floor!


I guess I wasn’t listening as well as I had thought. I was still wrapped up in my towel and knew I needed some help. Just then I saw the door crack open a little and so I called out, “Jamie???”. Thankfully it was her and she heard me! Jamie to the rescue! She was able to adjust it perfectly…meaning the water stayed inside where it was supposed to! She also made me feel better and not totally retarded when she informed me that a lot of her clients have problems with the shower because it’s hard to assimilate instructions when in such a relaxed state.

Ya think?

I was just relieved the water was now staying inside the shower! It was the coolest (although very hot) shower I have ever had. Warm water shooting from every direction was quite the experience. I would love to have one of those in my home, but then I can only imagine the water bill! I would never want to get out. After the shower, the final step was to have more of the Honeydew Hungarian lotion rubbed onto me again. I was feeling more and more like a butterfly with each step….er, rub.


I've got to get some of this Honeydew lotion! Yum!

Sadly enough, it was time to re-enter the cold and cruel world. But as I did, I felt like a new butterfly emerging into springtime feeling light as air! That feeling alone makes winter a great time to have this treatment. It was one of the best so far.

I encourage you to crawl into Sego Lily and experience the Honeydew and Paraffin Cocoon treatment. I promise when you have emerged, you too will fly away from there happy as spring! I know I did!

Thank you once again Sego Lily for another great transformation!