The name of this treatment was very intriguing to me.  Native American Body Balance. I know that  massages are definitely good for the body, but as far as restoring balance, I’ve always associated that with the mind.  It seems our minds tend to get out of balance very easily these days. There is always so much going into them that we need to either process or spew.  Therefore, massages really balance my mind every bit as much (if not more so) than my body.  I think it’s because I am almost forced to relax for a time and shut out the rest of the world.  Of course, mind, body, and spirit all go together and it’s hard to have one out of balance without it affecting the other two.

It appears the Native Americans have always understood this. I have always admired their ancient art of healing, and my curiosity got me wondering how important massage was to their culture.  So, I did a little research on their beliefs in healing and restoring balance, wondering if massage really was a part of it.  To my delight, I learned that it played a very prominate role in their practices.

Their traditional healing art uses a variety of techniques, including laying-on hands (massage).  According to Native American medicine,  health means restoring the body, mind, and spirit to balance and wholeness.  Massage and healing touch are still practiced by Native healers throughout North and South America. The use of their hands plays a big part in the healing power.  Cherokees warm their hands over coals and circle their palms on an affected area.  Sometimes the muscles are rubbed in a manner similar to Western massage, and to increase the healing effect the medicine person massages specific therapeutic points. (Ken “Bear Hawk” Cohen, MA. “Native American Medicine).

Sounds like a day at the spa to me!

They were (and still are) very wise.  And we have finally realized the importance of it as well.

Some people may feel that “pampering” oneself is selfish and it tends to creates guilt in them when the time and money is taken to do it.   But the ancients define pampering (balancing one’s mind, body, and spirit)  as a demonstration of self-love and self-service, not as a selfish, self-serving act.  We always contribute to society and others much more fully when WE are feeling balanced and healed first.

I must say I had really been looking forward to this treatment.  Mainly because whenever anyone from the spa asks me what treatments I have had so far, after my reply, they always respond with, “Have you had the Native American Body Balancer yet?”.  When I answer in the negative they usually follow up with, “Oh, you’re going to love that one!”

I finally understand why.  The primary purpose of this treatment is to exfoliate and soften the skin while leaving a smooth, more supple appearance (who doesn’t want that?).  Aromatherapy is also used to help to calm and reduce stress.  The best part of it though has to be the the steam shower that helps to cleanse and detoxify impurities.

I had this treatment done at the Midvale Sego Lily Spa with Aaron as my therapist.  The first part of the treatment is a body exfoliation using a Desert Mineral Salt that is gathered from Utah’s high-desert region.  Probably the same stuff the Native Americans used!  These fossilized (guess that means they are really old!) salts are rich in complex minerals that draw from deep within the skin’s layers to eliminate toxins and remove internal (stress and poor diet) and external (pollution) pollutants.  The salt, combined with herbs, organic botanical extracts, and a pure essential oil blend makes for a wonderful therapuetic effect. The salt is very coarse, nothing like table salt.

My only advice would be, if you have sensitive skin at all, do NOT shave your legs right before this treatment.  Can we say sting?!  My legs are hyper sensitive after shaving anyway, but I’ve never exactly tried a salt mixture on them after a shave.  Oh mama!  Kind of like swimming in the ocean right after shaving.  Take my advice…shave after!

The best part of the whole thing was the steam shower….well, next to Aaron’s amazing deep massage, and the heated neck wrap, and the wonderful scented lotion, and the heated table, and the…  Okay, so it was ALL wonderful!  But the steamer in the shower was delicious!  There’s nothing quite like hot steam pouring out, totally encompassing your body in humidity and warmth.  It instantly relaxes every muscle and cell in your body.  I would really like one of those in my own home.  I can only imagine what that would be like to come home to every morning after a freezing cold run.  Think how fast of a runner I would become just because I knew what was waiting for me.  Sounds like a great training plan to me.

I also must add that I didn’t flood the room this time with my shower retardedness. I am finally getting the hang of those shower nozzles!

After about 10 minutes of the steam (not near long enough!) and rinsing off the salt, I retreated back to the table.  Once Aaron returned, I received one of the best massages I have ever had.  I totally and completely relaxed.  So much so, that I don’t have a lot of details to add about that part because I was pretty much zoned out.  I did love the Shea butter he used that had a very yummy scent.  All of the products Sego Lily uses are top of the line.  That is obvious in the end result.   My skin felt the smoothest it has ever felt, with the exception of maybe when I was a newborn.  Guess we would have to ask my mother to be sure on that one.  I am sure it would be a toss up though.

Feeling very "balanced" afterwards.

Loved this treatment!  It’s amazing how smooth your skin can feel (and for such a long period of time) after being completely exfoliated.  And I finally figured out the “body balance” part!  Normally only our faces, hands, and maybe our arms are exfoliated, leaving the rest of our body deprived.  With this treatment however, legs, elbows, ankles, stomach, back, neck, and even toes get in on the fun.  Thus balancing it all out.  After this, I was so balanced I could have walked a tight rope backwards while blindfolded.

Thanks once again Sego Lily for balancing not only my mind and spirit, but also my body.  That’s a balancing act if there ever was one.