I’ve had a few pedicures in my life, but none like this!  When they call it the Indulgence Pedicure, they mean indulgence. First of all it lasts 90 minutes.  90 luxurious minutes of having your feet taken care of and indulged like they were the most important thing on the planet.  And for that time, to your esthetician they are!  There is really nothing I enjoy more than having my feet spoiled rotten.  Of course my favorite part of it all is the foot massage.  I wish that part alone would last the full 90 minutes.


The atmosphere is also very indulging.  I was given this treatment at the Midvale location and their pedicure room is very lavish.  When you are in this room you must feel pampered.  There is really no other way to feel.  It just happens.  The big cushy chairs almost swallow you in comfort.  I felt like I was a Queen sitting on my throne being pampered as to my every wish.


Nicole was my darling esthetician.  To start off she soaked my feet in warm water with some kind of wonderful scented product and then rubbed healing mountain balm into them.  She brought me out a warm neck wrap that was oh so soothing. And as if that wasn’t enough indulgence she brought me out a glass of ice water along with a plate of frozen red grapes and a lemon poppy seed scone.  Yummy!  Did I mention I felt like a Queen?  I’ve obviously been having my pedicures in the wrong places because I have never received this kind of pampering before.


Nicole then used a combination of exfoliating sea salts and skin soothing honey butter on my feet and legs.  Who knew exfoliation with sea salt could actually feel so good?  This was to prepare them for the nourishing butter drench massage.  Oh wow…there is just nothing like a foot and leg massage while being drenched in butter.

After that she took my feet for a little dip in some very warm paraffin and then wrapped them up all snuggly and tight in plastic and terrycloth to help seal the moisture in those now very pampered feetsies.


Next was the toe painting.  I requested the french manicure.  Nicole was very sweet and made sure they were done exactly to my liking.  She must have asked me a dozen times if I was happy with them each step along the way.  And if I wasn’t, she was more than accommodating to adjust them how I desired.

Ah yes, when it comes to the ultimate in indulgence THIS pedicure is the way to go.  Does it really get any better?  Soaking your feet in sweet scented warm water , having them massaged to your toes content then lavished with wonderful smelling lotion, and then leaving with both feet and all ten toes magazine cover ready.  No my friends it doesn’t!  What a great way to spend 90 minutes.


Nicole working her magic!




The frozen grapes and lemon poppy seed scone. DIVINE!




Another AMAZING day at Sego Lily Spa!!!

Get on your FEET and run ~ don’t walk ~ to Sego Lily for your Indulgence Pedicure! You’re feet will thank you ~ I promise!